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Parent Services

Parent Consulting

The best referrals are made through relationships.

​Next Steps Consulting:

  • Meets in person or virtually with parents and learn about their child and family's unique strengths and challenges.

  • Guides parents in determining and prioritizing the next steps they should take to help their child thrive.

  • Provides parents with a personalized list of resources such as autism-informed professionals, activities, camps, and other supports.

  • Consults with parents of adult children on the autism spectrum to connect them with autism resources to help their adult child be happy and successful. 

  • Guides parents to autism-informed LGBTQ+ friendly resources when requested.

Next Steps Consulting LLC

We work with parents who are:

  • Searching for trusted professionals who specialize in working with autistic and neurodiverse children, teens and adults. These may be psychologists, licensed counselors, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, behavior therapists or executive function coaches and school advocates.

  • Questioning whether or not to seek an autism evaluation for their child. 

  • Looking for trusted professionals who diagnose autism.

  • Seeking autism-friendly camps and activities.

  • Interested in social skills groups for their child.

  • Needing support groups for themselves or their children, including siblings.

  • Relocating or have recently relocated to Colorado.

  • Searching for support for their adult children who are autistic or neurodiverse.


  • Schedule a call to learn more.

  • We do not accept any insurance plans.

  • We are an approved provider for Imagine!'s ASD Program and Colorado Community Center Board FSSP.

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