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Lea Anne Paskvalich


Lea Anne is a neurodiversity consultant and founder of Next Steps Consulting LLC based in Colorado. For the last 22 years, she has worked to connect autistic individuals and their families to education, employment, resources, and relationships that help them thrive, not just survive. She is widely regarded as a go-to source for neurodiversity resources and support. Through her past work as Executive Director of the Autism Society of Colorado and the Director of Admissions for the Temple Grandin School, she brings a deep understanding of the gifts and challenges of a neurodiverse person. When she is not making neurodiversity connections, you will find her hiking the Colorado foothills with her husband and two Australian shepherds, tending to her perennial garden or listening to true crime podcasts. 



Next Steps Consulting, LLC

2019 to present

Founder and CEO 

Autism Society of Colorado

2020 to 2022

Executive Director 

Temple Grandin School, Boulder, CO

2011 to 2020

Director of Admissions and Public Relations 

Autism Society of Colorado

2019 to 2020

Board Member

2016 to 2017

Advisory Board Member


University of Utah iStar/Trimble SketchUp Autism Program 

2014 to 2015

Boulder Program Coordinator

Autism Society of Boulder County

2012 to 2016

Adult Autism Support Group Facilitator


Child Learning Center, University of Colorado, Boulder

2012 to 2014

Family Resource Consultant

Autism Society of Boulder County

2011 to 2013

Board Member

First Presbyterian Cooperative Preschool, Boulder, CO

2009 to 2011

Teacher, Connections Classroom

Children's Hospital Colorado, Aurora, CO

2008 to 2010

Parent Liaison, Child Development Unit

Special Education Advisory Committee, Boulder, CO

2001 to 2010



Superior Parent Support Group, Superior, CO

2000 to 2010

Founder and Lead Facilitator

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