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When navigating an autism diagnosis or moving to a new area, it can take months to learn about available autism resources. With Next Steps, you will have a partner to help you find the autism resources you need for yourself or a family member.

Adult Consulting


Finding the right resources can make all the difference.​

​To help adults we will:

  • Consult with adults who suspect they are on the autism spectrum and are seeking resources for an autism evaluation. It can be challenging to find a professional who will evaluate an adult for autism.

  • Provide adults with autism-informed therapist and provider recommendations.

  • Refer adults to resources for employment support or support groups for themselves or their partners.  

Next Steps Consulting LLC

Who We Work With

Adults Who Are

  • Questioning whether or not to seek an autism diagnosis.

  • Looking for trusted professionals who diagnose autism.

  • Relocating or have recently relocated to Boulder County and surrounding communities.

  • In search of trusted professionals who specialize in working with adults with autism. These may be psychologists and licensed counselors.

  • Interested in finding social support groups.

  • Needing a supportive employment environment.

  • Searching for autism support groups for themselves or their partners.


The fee is $150 per hour. We do not accept any insurance plans. Schedule a call to learn more.

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